An improvement upon Menu Builder that comes with additonal menu item types, UI enhancements, and other shortcuts.
This extension adds a new condition type to Magento's "Shopping Cart Price Rules". The condition is called "# Times Purchased" and is found in the "Actions" tab.
Create promotions that are restricted by the top level domain (TLD) in an email address. For example you can create student discounts, government agency discounts, military discounts, non-profit discounts, and more.
Create promotions that are restricted by the domain of an email address. For example, you can create a promotion for customers with a Gmail email address by creating a condition that checks for "".
Allows you to build and manage the top navigation menu bar. Customize the link names, URL, link target, etc. You don't have to create categories for every item you want to appear in the menu. And no more modifying Page/Html/Topmenu.php or Catalog/Block/Navigation.php.
When something is modified in the Admin Panel, this extension saves the date/time, admin user, and what was changed.
Allow customers to search for your products by what they are compatible with. For example, if you sell printer accessories, let customers search by their printer's Manufacturer and Model. If you sell car accessories, let customers search by their car's Year, Make, and Model.
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  • Code is unencrypted
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Shipping Rates by Customer Group
Provide shipping rates unique to how you group your customers.
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