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Our Magento Extensions
An improvement upon Menu Builder that comes with additonal menu item types, UI enhancements, and other shortcuts.
This extension adds a new condition type to Magento's "Shopping Cart Price Rules". The condition is called "# Times Purchased" and is found in the "Actions" tab.
Create promos that are restricted by the top level domain (TLD) of an email address. Create discounts for student, government, military, non-profits, and more.
Create promos based on the domain of an email address. For example, reward Gmail customers by creating a condition that checks for "".
Allows you to build and manage the top navigation menu bar. Customize the link names, URL, link target, etc.
When something is modified in the Admin Panel, this extension saves the date/time, admin user, and what was changed.
Allow customers to search for your products by what they are compatible with. For example, if you sell car accessories, let customers search by their car's Year, Make, and Model.
Latest Blog Posts
  • Weird 403 Forbidden Errors
    If you are encountering weird 403 Forbidden errors, and tried adjusting .htaccess and file permissions -- check in the error logs to make sure that mod_security is not interfering. If it is, you may have to ask your hosting provider for assistance w
  • Chrome not displaying fewer than 8 characters
    I am pretty sure I have performed echo 'done'; before and seen it.  But I was running into an issue where unless there are 8 characters, it won't even show the first 7.  Very odd indeed.
  • Magento Catalog URL Rewrites Slow or Stuck in Processing
    It is possible you suffer from the Magento Catalog URL rewrite bug where a store with 7k products would see 300k rows in the core_url_rewrite table.  The patch to apply is detailed here: And copied below i
  • console.log and IE8, IE9
    Wow, ashamedly just discovered that console.log is not cross browser safe. Should check for the existence of console object first. May even be better to append text to a hidden <div> to be completely safe. In the words of "f055" on this page
  • Gateway Error Unable to Read Response or Response is Empty
    Your server might have curl enabled, but it is still unable to reach the server, or any other server for that matter. First -- Check your phpinfo() readout and see if "curl_exec" is in the list of disabled_functions. Enlist the help of
  • Timing your SSL Certificate Expiration
    The holiday season is a bad time for your SSL certificate to expire. After sending out a Black Friday email blast, the last thing you want your customers to see is a warning about an unsecured connection! Adjust the expiration so it occurs off peak
  • Slow Chrome
    Chrome performance issue of lagging accompanied by 100% disk usage for a few seconds was resolved for me by disabling hardware acceleration. Version of Chrome: 38. Navigate to chrome://settings/ > Show advanced settings ... > System > [uncheck] Use
  • Heartland Secure Submit - ApiConnectionException
    If during checkout you are getting the error "Unable to process the payment transaction", and if you find "ApiConnectionException: Unable to process the payment transaction." in var/log assuming you have Debug = Yes, try adding: curl_setopt($soap_do,
  • Magento checkout -- Please enter valid details
    This can happen when you have allowed multiple credit card payment methods to be selected while using OneStepCheckout. The issue is officially known by the makers of OneStepCheckout -- more details here:
  • Magento Admin no-route
    If you have taken over a Magento installation, and are trying to get to the Admin Panel but keep getting redirected to "no-route" even BEFORE you see the Login Screen, check for an extension called "ET_IpSecurity". I kept seeing "302 Moved Temporaril
  • Magento - Add column to order table
    What you should be doing instead of adding columns to the order table (sales_flat_order) is creating your own table with a field order_id that references the sales_flat_order table. Bad: Good:
  • Magento - Student Discount based on .edu Email Address
    In Magento, there is no way to create a promotion that is conditional upon the customer's email address, for example a student discount that is conditional upon the customer's email address being a .edu address. This is because the available conditi
  • Change in topMenu from 1.6 to 1.7
    In Magento 1.6, page.xml added topmenu block to the default scope. Navigation Bar catalog.xml then added the catalog/navigation block catalog/navigation from catalog/navigation/top.phtml to the topmenu block. This arrangement allows
  • Ready For Irene
    Black on the rocks
  • Magento Custom Module Block, Controller, Model, etc. Not Working
    Just a little tip. When you're frustrated as to why Magento isn't loading your Company/Module/Block/*, Company/Module/Model/*, Company/Module/controllers/*, etc. files for some strange reason: Make sure the file permissions are set correctly. (0777
  • You Know You're Deep in Magento When..
    You know you're deep in Magento when you have a file an Abstract.php open. Or in a Mysql4 folder. Or when one of your eyes starts twitching. *sigh*
  • Magento - Accept Payments via
    Use this resource “How to Set Up Payment Gateway” at Redstage's Magento Blog for more information on how to set up the payment module in Magento. The article shows where to get the API and Transaction Keys, as well as
  • Magento - Add Custom Category Attributes
    A client wanted to add a description to each of his product categories, such that the first built-in description would be above the product listing, and the second description would be below the product listing.  Rather than have them create static


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