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Let's say for example that configurable product A is defined to have 2 attributes "color" and "size".  Values for color may be: Black, White, Chrome while values for size may be: 1", 2", 3", and 4".

One would expect that there should be a price matrix that might look like:

1" 2" 3" 4"
Black $1.00 $1.20 $1.40 $1.60
White $1.05 $1.25 $1.45 $1.65
Chrome $1.15 $1.35 $1.55 $1.75

But if you only have simple products:

Black + 1" = $1.00
Black + 3" = $1.40
White + 1" = $1.05
White + 2" = $1.25
Chrome + 3" = $1.55
Chrome + 4" = $1.75

... then you don't need the full matrix.  Even if you did need the full matrix, how do you set up simple/configurable product pricing in Magento?


This Simple Configurable Products extension by Matt Dean.  From the extension page:

This extension changes the way that the pricing of configurable products works in Magento. With this extension enabled, a configurable product's own price is never used. Instead, the price used is that of the appropriate associated simple product.

This gives site owners direct control to set the price of every configuration of a product, while still giving users the flexibility they usually get with configurable products. (There's no more having to set rules such as: +20% for blue, -£10 for small, +15% for leather. You just price the underlying small-blue-leather product at £199.99 and that's what the user pays.)

You still have to create the configurable products and set certain attributes to be the configurable ones ( e.g. "Color" and "Size" in the previous example ).  Set the prices of simple products (no need to set the price of configurable products), and the extension takes care of the rest.  In the front-end, users will still be specifying Color and Size, and prices will change accordingly.

Happy pricing!

10 thoughts on “Magento Configurable Product Pricing”

  • Mike

    I tried it, but doesn't work in the latest MAGE. At least to a certain degree. Initially it works as advertised, but when I select my options, the total value goes to 0.00. Am willing to pay for a solution. Let me know. Cheers. - Mike

  • Antonio

    No problem. I'll contact you via email at some point today. I've had success installing and setting up this module on 1.4 so I'm optimistic that we can work something out!

  • George Sedrak

    Please I need this extension. I can pay for it.
    I have Magento
    I need to download the code for Simple Configurable Products , not from magento connect
    thank you very much
    George Sedrak

  • George Sedrak

    I installed fine
    only display the 1st. simple products
    when I choose another options, it display zero $0

  • Roger


    i have the same problem, the price displayed is 0

  • Spletni sistemi

    If you are still having problem try our new extensions.

    With this extension will be pricing of Simple Configurable Products much more easier and logical, without calculating + / - of percentage or amount.

  • Krish


    I know that this is an old post but how would you create the matrix. I have successfully installed SCP. Are there any tutorials on how to create the matrix. Even a javascript hack.

  • Tennisracket

    Thanks, the Simple Configurable Products extension helped me out a lot, now all prices are good!

  • Modulabs

    hi guys,

    here is even better solution which works also on 1.7.x magento version and works also with multiple attibutes.
    Please check:

  • QuickService

    I need this type of module where the price set for different customer groups and variant combination to be used in the above mentioned format. Can anyone have such solution please?


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