Magento - Student Discount based on .edu Email Address

In Magento, there is no way to create a promotion that is conditional upon the customer's email address, for example a student discount that is conditional upon the customer's email address being a .edu address. This is because the available conditions simply don't include email address.

While "Customer Segments" of Enterprise Edition lets you define customer groupings based on email address, you can't quite specify what the email addresses' top level domains (TLD's) should be.

The solution involves hooking into the salesrule_rule_condition_combine event. The event comes with the array of conditions you can append to. The resulting modification will require that the customer has either already logged in or that they enter their email address during checkout.

Our extension "Promo By Email TLD" does just this. It lets you specify which TLDs (such as .edu, .org, .gov, .mil, etc) will be allowed for use in a promotion.

Promo By Email TLD

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