• Magento Admin no-route

    If you have taken over a Magento installation, and are trying to get to the Admin Panel but keep getting redirected to "no-route" even BEFORE you see the Login Screen, check for an extension called "ET_IpSecurity".

    I kept seeing "302 Moved Temporarily" when I should have at least seen the log-in screen.

    If you have an app/etc/modules/ET_IpSecurity.xml file, change "true" to "false" and see if you can log in now.

    Hope this helps!

    - Antonio

  • Magento - Add column to order table

    What you should be doing instead of adding columns to the order table (sales_flat_order) is creating your own table with a field order_id that references the sales_flat_order table.





  • Magento - Student Discount based on .edu Email Address

    In Magento, there is no way to create a promotion that is conditional upon the customer's email address, for example a student discount that is conditional upon the customer's email address being a .edu address. This is because the available conditions simply don't include email address.

    While "Customer Segments" of Enterprise Edition lets you define customer groupings based on email address, you can't quite specify what the email addresses' top level domains (TLD's) should be.

    The solution involves hooking into the salesrule_rule_condition_combine event. The event comes with the array of conditions you can append to. The resulting modification will require that the customer has either already logged in or that they enter their email address during checkout.

    Our extension "Promo By Email TLD" does just this. It lets you specify which TLDs (such as .edu, .org, .gov, .mil, etc) will be allowed for use in a promotion.

    Promo By Email TLD

  • Change in topMenu from 1.6 to 1.7

    In Magento 1.6, page.xml added topmenu block to the default scope.


    catalog.xml then added the catalog/navigation block catalog/navigation from catalog/navigation/top.phtml to the topmenu block.


    This arrangement allows you to add additional blocks before and after the category top menu, but you can't manipulate the category menu unless you edit the _renderCategoryMenuItemHtml function of Mage/Catalog/Block/Navigation.php. At best, you end up with a local copy of Mage/Catalog/Block/Navigation.php.

    In Magento 1.7, page.xml still adds a topmenu block to the default scope. This time though, topmenu maintains a menu tree variable. This tree is populated by Catalog/Model/Observer.php's addCatalogToTopmenuItems function.

    Additionally, the topmenu dispatches before and after events as it puts together its menu tree.

    These mechanism enhancements from 1.6 to 1.7 allow extensions to cleanly manipulate the menu in accordance with Magento best practices.

    NVNCBL Menu Builder is such an extension that is an interface for the topmenu menu tree. With it, you can create your own custom links in top menu, which can be any of categories, CMS pages, products, or a completely custom link.

  • Magento Custom Module Block, Controller, Model, etc. Not Working

    Just a little tip. When you're frustrated as to why Magento isn't loading your Company/Module/Block/*, Company/Module/Model/*, Company/Module/controllers/*, etc. files for some strange reason:

    Make sure the file permissions are set correctly.

    (0777 might be too generous, but we don't have time to figure these things out for sure).

    This happened to me today. Turns out my IDE (NuSphere's PhpEd, an excellent PHP IDE by the way) has a setting for default folder/file permissions when creating new files. Insufficient file permissions were manifesting themselves as "Invalid block type ..." errors. I'm sure it could be responsible for other quirkiness when doing custom work.

  • You Know You're Deep in Magento When..

    You know you're deep in Magento when you have a file an Abstract.php open. Or in a Mysql4 folder.

    Or when one of your eyes starts twitching.


  • Magento - Accept Payments via Authorize.net

    Use this resource “How to Set Up Authorize.net Payment Gateway” at Redstage's Magento Blog for more information on how to set up the Authorize.net payment module in Magento. The article shows where to get the API and Transaction Keys, as well as where to enter them into Magento.

    As with most payment gateways, the steps involved are a matter of:

    1. Gathering the appropriate information (provided by the gateway service)
    2. Enter the information into the Magento Admin Panel
    3. Activate the payment module

    Full procedure

  • Magento - Add Custom Category Attributes

    A client wanted to add a description to each of his product categories, such that the first built-in description would be above the product listing, and the second description would be below the product listing.  Rather than have them create static blocks for every category, it was obvious that I'd have to create a new category attribute.

    Fortunately, I stumbled upon one possible solution.  The method doesn't involve creating a full-blown module, rather, just a few database modifications using phpMyAdmin.

    Summarized, the process comes down to:

    1. Create a new row in the eav_attribute table, one that mimics a category's meta-description attribute with everything being the same except for a unique identifier and a label.
    2. Create a new row in the eav_entity_attribute table, to provide a sort order for your newly created attribute, following in the format footsteps of the existing rows.

    For the fully detailed procedure, see Create Custom Category Attributes with phpMyAdmin

  • Magento - Resetting Admin Password

    Handy if you (or a client) is locked out, here's how to reset the admin password, posted on Redstage's Magento Blog.

    Basically, the procedure involves going into the database, finding the appropriate row that contains the password, and assigning the new password using MD5.

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