• Magento $this->getSkinUrl() Wrong Template

    When using $this->getSkinUrl('path/to/yourfile.html') inside view (.phtml) code, and you're getting /default/default/ instead of /default/yourtheme, this isn't Magento working incorrectly.  Check the $argument you send and verify that the target file actually exists.

    getSkinUrl() does more than just generate the proper URL, it also verifies that the file exists.  If it doesn't find the file within the store's /yourtheme folder, it will revert to /default.

  • Script Double Run / Double Execute Phenomenon

    I had a problem with your PHP code running or executing seemingly twice.  To debug this phenomenon, I put some write-to-file code at the beginning of the script.  Surprisingly, whenever I loaded my script in the browser, the file would be written to twice despite my one page load.

    The problem was that The page I was developing had an <img> in it with the "src" attribute set blank.  When the document was fully loaded, javascript was in place to dynamically assign the "src".  This worked perfectly fine in the pre-server-side-logic stage of development so it was an easy decision to begin debugging server-side logic.

    The double execute happens when Firefox sees <img src="" />.  Not knowing what source to assign, it sends a request (the second request) to the current path (again) for the image.  Therein lies the problem.  It's interesting to note that Firefox is not to blame, as it's following HTML specification.

  • Introducing Magento Widgets

    Magento Widgets allow business users with no technical knowledge to easily add dynamic content (including product data, for example) to pages in Magento Stores.  This allows for greater control and flexibility in creating informational and marketing content through administrator tools, enabling intuitive and efficient control of content Continue reading

  • Magento Clear Shopping Cart and Session

    If you ever need to programmatically clear Magento's shopping cart, use the snippet of code below. If you need to clear the user's entire session, including the shopping cart, shipping information, billing information and chosen payment methods, please refer to the snippet further below.

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  • Claiming this Blog on Technorati

    Here goes: wshkb4gy8m

    So in order for me to "claim" this blog for submission on Technorati, I have to create a post with a certain jumbled string in it. Technorati will then read the jumbled string and verify that I am indeed the owner of this site.

    Technorati is a search engine for blogs. I believe I'm jumping onto the bandwagon a little later than most people, but it's better late than never.

    Hopefully that works, otherwise I'm stuck with a useless post.

    [edit] - it worked.

  • Magento Skip Login/Registration at Checkout

    A client wanted every checkout on his site to be a guest checkout. He was selling a very niche product and wanted to avoid hassling potential customers with a user log-in or registration form. The goal was to modify Magento's One Page Checkout to completely skip Step 1: Login/Register and show Step 2: Billing Information.

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  • mod_rewrite Reference

    Having a reference for basic mod_rewrite examples on hand is always a good idea.  About once every two weeks, I have to set up a server's URL rewrites, and because I don't use it that often, I'm susceptible to forgetting its exact syntax.

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  • Fortune++; Fortune++;

    (5:39:37 PM) Tim: two fortunes for me today
    (5:39:44 PM) Antonio David: nice
    (5:39:50 PM) Tim: do they both count?
    (5:40:01 PM) Tim: or is only one "real" and the other is a decoy
    (5:40:02 PM) Antonio David: haha maybe they're only half as effective

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  • Mario Party 3 - Nintendo 64

    Found this picture from a long time ago. This is from Mario Party 3. Mario has 4 stars and 836 coins while the other players are far behind.

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