• Clear Magento Customers, Orders, Searches, and Tags

    From the Magento dashboard, there is no intuitive way of deleting/clearing/resetting customer, order, search, or tag data. As developers, we have to test the various functions of our specific Magento setup before presenting it to the client. Before the site can go live, all of the test data has to be removed so it doesn't interfere with the client's other business functions such as accounting and inventory.

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  • Magento Configurable Product Pricing

    Let's say for example that configurable product A is defined to have 2 attributes "color" and "size".  Values for color may be: Black, White, Chrome while values for size may be: 1", 2", 3", and 4".

    One would expect that there should be a price matrix that might look like:

    1" 2" 3" 4"
    Black $1.00 $1.20 $1.40 $1.60
    White $1.05 $1.25 $1.45 $1.65
    Chrome $1.15 $1.35 $1.55 $1.75

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  • Solution to Excel's CSV Output Formats

    Recently I've had to import a client's catalog data from Excel 2007 to the Magento eCommerce Platform. The data in Excel was unsurprisingly in a format that was unsupported by Magento's import methods. Using code, I needed to parse Excel data into the format Magento required. In PHP, I wasn't aware of any way to interface with .xls or .xlsx files, so I tried exporting the data to flat-file CSV, where it could be easily manipulated using PHP's native CSV functions.

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  • You Can Only Pick One

    If you're here for my opinion on the choice between universal healthcare and freedom, then you can navigate away. I'm here to showcase a poorly designed form:

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  • Chart Control Dynamic Data Labels

    When using a chart control to plot data from a stored procedure (or any query for that matter), the stored procedure needs to return series' in columns.  Data to be plotted has to be in numeric form.  How, then, can we label the series?  Perhaps one would think to add a row at the top of the result set to contain the labels. But that won't work because the column data types are numeric and the labels are most likely strings.

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  • Plotting a Line Graph using Chart control

    If you're having trouble plotting series of data using the Chart Control, make sure that the data coming in is plottable.

    That means using a numerical data type.  Duh!

  • SVN

    While trying to work through an SVN problem:

    "You can't commit?

    That's fine I'll commit for you."

    [ a few seconds later ]

    "Ah, come over here man, there are conflicts we need to resolve"

  • Your Welcome Over IP

    (1:19:59 PM) Antonio: quick q... do you know which table the "Third Party Name" field might reside in?
    (1:20:26 PM) Tim: thirdpartyeyewitnesses
    (1:20:36 PM) Antonio: true that. thanks
    (1:20:46 PM) Tim: yoip
    (1:21:03 PM) Tim: ywoip
    (1:21:06 PM) Tim: your welcome over ip

  • Don't Fiddle. Violin.

    (12:13:08 PM) Tim: i want to get these all into trac
    (12:13:12 PM) Tim: but redstagesvn [server] is down
    (12:13:18 PM) Antonio: i couldnt get to trac this morning
    (12:13:20 PM) Antonio: ah. yea
    (12:13:21 PM) Tim: and i dont want to go fiddlin' round in there until alex is in
    (12:13:27 PM) Antonio: true
    (12:13:35 PM) Tim: maybe i should violin around in there instead

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