• 18 Holes Later

    I just got back from an afternoon of golf with my dad and one of his former co-workers at the Tamarack Golf Course.  We picked up a fellow named Tom, who had been golfing for 8 years.  The temperature was a relaxing 60F and despite the forecast, it didn't rain.

    My problem is grip.  For a very long time, my right hand (I play righty) would be in the correct initial position, but would get messed up during downswing.

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  • Microsoft Sharepoint 101

    Microsoft SharePoint 2007 For Dummies by Vanessa L. Williams: Book Cover In the interests of expanding my technical abilities, I've picked up a copy of Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 for Dummies.  I spent a few hours at the Barnes & Noble at Riverside Square, Paramus, NJ skimming through various books on this subject.  I found the "For Dummies" version to be the most "in-plain-English" and "non-Microsoft-tech-speak".  If you don't know what "Microsoft-tech-speak" is, be very happy.

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  • Embedding HTML Into Flash

    I recently had the opportunity to work on a website that used Flash as the front-end and using LAMP on the backend. At first this seemed like a daunting task, since my Flash experience (outside of creating simple animation tweens and using the software as a drawing tool) was limited to dropping the auto-generated code that Flash generates into an HTML page.

    I had no experience whatsoever with interfacing Flash with the server. I was surprised to learn that the task wouldn't be as difficult as I'd imagined. An SWF file can be set to load data from a server transparently, akin to AJAX's behavior. The only hint of an HTTP request is seen in the browser's status bar. Anyway, an SWF can query an XML file (or in my project's case, XML-output generated via PHP) and parse that into objects that can be displayed to the user.

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  • Shopping Cart Design

    I was assigned to work on a shopping cart for an online clothing retailer.  By the time this client approached us, it was just a few days before Christmas, and their shopping cart had a big problem.

    Say for example that you added a blue polka dot shirt of size "large" to your shopping cart.  Then, after continued browsing through the online catalog, you decide that you want a "small" blue polka dot shirt.  The problem was that after adding this shirt of size "small", your shopping cart would contain two (correct) shirts of size small (wrong).  Obviously, you should have a small shirt and a large shirt.

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  • Beginnings

    No "greetings readers" here, although anyone reading this is more than welcome.  The purpose of this blog is to serve as a utility for me to log my thoughts related to programming.  Often times when I'm working on a project, I'll encounter an issue that I've encountered before.  The problem is that I don't necessarily remember the solution, and I have to go through the whole process of "figuring it out" all over again. With this blog though, I'm hoping that I can (going forward) document my issues and solutions in case I return.

    What kind of programming do I do now?  I'm heavily engaged in web development, predominantly the Web 2.0/AJAX practices.  I work for RedStage Networks, based in Hoboken, NJ.  I'm glad to be part of a highly engaged and enthusiastic team, always working with cutting edge technology.

    So if anyone ever reads this, then happy reading.  If not, then "memo-to-self": tag, tag, tag, tag your posts.  How will you ever find solutions if you don't tag your posts?

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