Product Compatibility

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Allow customers to search for your products by what they are compatible with. For example, if you sell car accessories, let customers search by their car's Year, Make, and Model. If you sell printer accessories, let customers search by their printer's Manufacturer and Model.

Release History

1.0.0 - 12/7/2013
  • Customizable fields
  • Search across all products
  • Compatibility matrix on product view page



Customizable Fields
You are not restricted to the most common example "Year", "Make", "Model". It works for any industry.

Search Across All Products
You are not limited to searching within a category

Compatibility Matrix
Automatically displayed on product view page

Known Working
Community Edition (but not the "rwd" theme)
Community Edition
Community Edition
Community Edition

  • Filtering by "Make" Filtering by "Make"
  • Filtering by "Make" and "Model" Filtering by "Make" and "Model"
  • Editing a Product's "Compatibility Sheet" Editing a Product's "Compatibility Sheet"
  • Defining the attributes Defining the attributes


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